Orbital Warehouse includes a toolbar that lets you collect image, links, text and whole web pages from around the web. It automatically saves a link back to the original content so you can easily find it again later.


Once you've collected some content from around the web, you can use the Orbital Warehouse workspace to review it, rearrange it and add your own notes. There's a built-in search function and you can open a copy of your idea in a word processor if you're making notes for a paper.


You can link ideas from other OWH users into your workspace and work on them together. Changes you make to ideas appear for everyone in real time and the OWH text editor is enabled for collaboration so when you brainstorm or edit text together you'll see everyone's changes as they happen.


When you're happy with your idea, you can share it as a web page. OWH makes it easy to share your idea pages via social networks and email. You can even link ideas together to make a simple website.