Beta Release v0.17


New look web pages

We've reworked the OWH sharing, stream and front page. Other than looking better (in our opinion), it also means these pages will reformat for small screens so they work for tablets and smart phones. The front page is a little bit more image heavy, so let us know how it looks to you:

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Beta Release v0.16


We're on the Chrome Web Store!

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Beta Release v0.15


I haven't updated the developer pages lately, but we've been working continuously, I promise:

New Features


  • The new idea button is now on the toolbar in the workspace, where it makes more sense.
  • Controls in the workspace have tooltips.
  • You can drag ideas straight onto the toolbar in the workspace.
  • Help videos for new users.
  • You... [More]

Beta Release v0.14


New Feature - Improved Editor.

We've replaced the text editor with Etherpad-lite:

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Beta Release v0.13


New Feature: Idea Streams

There's a button on the right of your workspace that links to your 'idea stream'. This is a page that lists the last 50 of your published ideas, in the order they were published (newest to oldest). You can use this as a blog, or link it as your home page to places like Facebook so people can keep up to date on your ideas. It's also an easy way for people to navigate between you... [More]

Toolbar Installation Vids

Today I spent a little bit of time making up some short videos showing the toolbar installation for most of the major browsers, it's a little bit different on IE compared to Chrome and Firefox. They're all below, and linked to the toolbar installation help page.



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Beta Release v0.12


New Feature: Drag to Trash

Deleting items is now done by dragging them to the trash icon in the lower left of the workspace. Simply drag your idea or content node (we're calling them "bits" now) to the trash and you will be asked to confirm its deleting. Once you confirm, it's gone, FOREVER - so don't trash things you still want. This is less clicks than before and a little bit mor... [More]

Beta Release v0.11


New Feature: Moving ideas off the toolbar.

The toolbar has room for 10 ideas, but sooner or later you'll need room for more. Previously, you could 'archive' ideas if you followed some complicated rules, which would remove the idea from the toolbar. Now you can simply click the close icon that appears when you hover over an idea on the toolbar. You can still access that idea either on the wo... [More]

Beta Release v0.10


New Feature: Writable shared ideas.

If you open the settings screen (double click or click the magnifier icon) for an idea you have shared, you can see you now have the option to allow others to edit that idea. Allowing others to edit your idea means you can share the idea with whoever you want and they can add, remove and reorder nodes and edit any text nodes attached to that idea. Changes are automatically synced to ever... [More]

Beta Release v0.9


Happy New Year!

This release has these new features:

  • Improved toolbar; less glitchy and refined looks.
  • You can now copy nodes on ideas other people have linked by dragging them onto one of your ideas on the workspace.
  • You can copy nodes on your ideas by dragging a node with the shift key held down, dragging a node normally still moves it.

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