Reset Toolbar

Resetting your toolbar will generate a new bookmarklet that you can install on computers to use with your OWH account. This is useful if you've installed your toolbar on computers you no longer have control over and you wish to disable those toolbars. After resetting your toolbar, you, or someone else will receive a message telling you you will need to re-install the toolbar to make it work again.

You can always get a working toolbar bookmarklet from the setup menu in the OWH workspa... [More]

Changing Password

You can change your password whenever you like by entering and confirming a new password in the setup screen of the Orbital Warehouse workplace and clicking the 'save' button next to the password fields. The two passwords you enter must be the same, and must be at least 6 characters long. The save button will not become active until your password meets these criteria.

Once you click the save button, your password change will be confirmed with a 'password saved' message... [More]

Adding a byline

In the settings screen of the Orbital Warehouse workspace, you can add a byline to your account. It appears on the web pages generated when you share ideas, it will look something like this:

Article Heading

By Your Byline

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus commodo dui at arcu gravida condimentum. Nunc eget turpis sed ipsum adipiscing laoreet. Vestibulum id velit ut velit facilisis lacinia id id dui. Vestibulum ul... [More]

Sharing Ideas

OWH not only lets you share all of your ideas as simple web pages, but lets others link your ideas into their workspace so you can collaborate on an idea with as many people as you like.

Check out this video:

... [More]

Organising Ideas

The Orbital toolbar has room for 10 ideas at a time. To make more room, you can click the close button that appears over ideas on the toolbar when you hover the mouse over them in the workspace. Clicking this button does not delete the idea, it just removes it from the toolbar.

Ideas that are no longer on the toolbar are still available as a webpage if they have been shared and can be found via the Orbital Warehouse workspace search bar.

... [More]

Collecting Content

You can collect images, text, links or whole pages and attach them to your ideas in Orbital Warehouse. To collect content, go to the web page you are interested in, then click your Orbital Toolbar Bookmarklet to load the toolbar on that page. When the toolbar loads on another page, it will look something like this:
... [More]

Deleting Content

To delete bits from an idea, or the idea itself, drag it to the trash on the workspace. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete this item permanently. With the execption of text you have entered in the OWH workspace, that content is hosted elsewhere on the web so deleting the bit in Orbital Warehouse will only remove the reference to the content and not affect the content itself.

Note that once you confirm the deletion, it is a permanent action and there is NO WAY [More]

Toolbar Installation

To be able to use the Orbital Warehouse toolbar to collect content from around the web, you need to install it in your browser. To do this, go to the settings screen in the OWH workspace, and drag the OWH toolbar link to your browser's toolbar, this will install it so you can use it to collect content from other web pages:

... [More]

Linking Ideas

When you get an Orbital Warehouse link sent from someone else, or happen upon a page made with Orbital Warehouse, you can link that idea into your workspace. To do this, click the 'Link this idea to your workspace' at the top of the page. If you are not logged in, a link will appear to allow you to login to Orbital Warehouse first. Try it out on this page:

http://orbitalwa... [More]

Supported Web Browsers

The following browser versions are currently supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5+ (Including Firefox 4 -> 11)
  • Google Chrome (Current Relase Version)
  • Apple Safari (Current Version, not including Safari for iOS)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Unless otherwise noted, these browsers are supported for all computer operating systems they are available for.

For Microsoft IE9 & 10, you may have ... [More]

Orbital Warehouse Help

Here's a video on getting started:

... [More]

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