How can I get support?
If you need help or have any questions, please email us:

Is this a blogging platform?
You can use it as one if you like, OWH has a nice text editor that allows you to write things you can share as a web page and you can add more text notes to update that page. You can share your blog's URLs with whoever you want and not have to worry about web hosting. We've used it to make blogs before it works quite nicely, but that's not all OWH is about.

So... this is pretty much an online bookmark service?
You can use it like one, you can store references to web pages and parts of web pages in OWH, and they'll always be right where you left them, accessible from any supported browser. There's also powerful search functionality, so you can search through things you have in OWH and find that thing you saw the other day and put some where safe. If that's all you ever use OWH for, then that's cool, we hope you like it.

Oh, so this is a mind map?
Not really, we use a spatial interface to manage what you've put into Orbital WareHouse and it looks a bit like some other mind maps. We do this because it suits the way we think and we hope there are others out there like us. OWH allows you to link ideas together, but it doesn't allow you to impose a very complex structure on your content, it's mostly just about grouping things you found on the web into your ideas.

Does it work on mobile devices?
Currently when you login on a mobile device you will get a reduced featureset. You can browse and search through all your ideas, and view their sharing pages. It's handy for reading something you put on an idea on your computer when you're on the go. We'll be bringing more functionality to mobile devices in the future. Let us know if there's a feature you really want (send email to info@orbitalwarehouse.net).

How many ideas can I store in Orbitalwarehouse ?
There's no limit to how many ideas you can have stored. There's room on the toolbar for 10 ideas at a time, and you can make room for more by opening the settings screen for an idea (Click the magnify icon when you hover your mouse over the idea) and clicking 'remove' from toolbar. You must attach an idea to another idea before you can remove it from the toolbar.

How many bits can I attach to an idea ?
As many as you like, but the practical upper limit is about 25, any more and the orbit for that idea gets very large and it becomes difficult to manage bits easily. You can add ideas to other ideas and then drop content bits onto those nested ideas to keep things under control.

Can I upload movies and images ?
No, but there are heaps of great sites for doing that already. You can link your content and content from other people that is on those sites to form part of an idea in your OrbitalWarehouse workspace. Orbitalwarehouse links back to the original content with full references to the original site.
Is my data secure ?
Maybe, during the alpha and beta phases this site and its software has not been audited for security. Please be aware you place any information in Orbitalwarehouse at your own risk. We encrypt most OWH connection so your username and password won't be exposed when you login. Content you drag onto the Orbitalwarehouse toolbar from other web pages, including the HTML page body from those web pages, may not be encrypted.

Don't use the password you use for Orbital Warehouse for any other webpages or services, don't put passwords or sensitive personal information onto Orbital Warehouse.

Are you going to charge for it ?
Yes, once it is good enough, but not until after the Beta phase has finished. Alpha and Beta users will be given at least a year's free subscription after the beta phase finishes.