Collecting Content

You can collect images, text, links or whole pages and attach them to your ideas in Orbital Warehouse. To collect content, go to the web page you are interested in, then click your Orbital Toolbar Bookmarklet to load the toolbar on that page. When the toolbar loads on another page, it will look something like this:

You can then drag content from that page onto your ideas on the toolbar. See it in action in this getting started video:

Note that when you drag content from another web site onto the Orbital Warehouse toolbar, the content itself is not copied. Orbitalwarehouse generates a reduced resolution thumbnail for images and full pages but does not retain the content itself.  Text content is shown as a quote, rather than a duplicate of the original text.

The content you see in the Orbital Warehouse workspace and shared idea pages is actually a link back to the original content. If the original content is moved or removed, the links will no longer work. All content is shown with clear attribution and links back to the original.

Known Issues
Because the Orbital Warehouse Toolbar must interact with the page you are collecting content with, there are occasionally some issues.

Some link and image items can't be dragged onto the toolbar
Work around: Try moving the mouse off and on these items to check if they can be selected, if that fails, consider dragging the entire page to the toolbar by dragging the box that appears on the page in the top right when the toolbar is loaded.