Linking Ideas

When you get an Orbital Warehouse link sent from someone else, or happen upon a page made with Orbital Warehouse, you can link that idea into your workspace. To do this, click the 'Link this idea to your workspace' at the top of the page. If you are not logged in, a link will appear to allow you to login to Orbital Warehouse first. Try it out on this page:

When you link an idea, your workspace will be opened and the linked idea will appear in the middle of your workspace with a red outline. You can copy bits from the linked into to your other ideas by dragging them. If the idea allows other users to modify it, the idea will appear with a green outline and you can edit bits on that idea as normal. If multiple people have an idea open on their workspace at one time, they will be able to see all the changes happening on that idea in real time.

To remove a linked idea from your workspace, just drag it to the trash. It won't be deleted from everyone's workspace, just yours.