I made OrbitalWarehouse because I spend a lot of time making notes and doing Internet research to support whatever I'm building, writing or fixing. Even with the awesome power of Google at my disposal, it seemed like I was spending too much time re-finding bits and pieces of the web that I'd seen earlier.

I wanted a place where I could grab all those bits and pieces I'd found and put them somewhere I could find. I also wanted to be able to manipulate and group the content I'd seen, and add my own notes. With this in mind, I built the OrbitalWarehouse Toolbar and Workspace.

OrbitalWarehouse is always there available on the Internet whenever you need it. There's a special spatial interface in the workspace that makes it easy to re-find what are you looking for; 

When you come back to your workspace later, even from another computer, everything is exactly where you left it so you can use your spatial mind to find where you left something. If that fails, there's also a powerful full text search feature.

OrbitalWareHouse contains an online text editor that lets you add anything from quick notes up to whole essay pages; > Conceive


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