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Beta Release v0.12 - 5/2/2012

New Feature: Drag to Trash

Deleting items is now done by dragging them to the trash icon in the lower left of the workspace. Simply drag your idea or content node (we're calling them "bits" now) to the trash and you will be asked to confirm its deleting. Once you confirm, it's gone, FOREVER - so don't trash things you still want. This is less clicks than before and a little bit more intuitive.

If you trash and idea you previously shared, its associated web page will disappear too, and anyone who goes to a link you've given them will get an error page telling them that idea doesn't exist.

If you simply want more space on your toolbar or on your workspace, you can just close an idea by clicking its 'X' button in the top left of the idea. This doesn't delete your idea, just takes it off your toolbar or workspace, you can get it back at any time by searching for it, or by opening it from another idea it is linked to.

Beta Release v0.11 - 17/1/2012

New Feature: Moving ideas off the toolbar.

The toolbar has room for 10 ideas, but sooner or later you'll need room for more. Previously, you could 'archive' ideas if you followed some complicated rules, which would remove the idea from the toolbar. Now you can simply click the close icon that appears when you hover over an idea on the toolbar. You can still access that idea either on the workspace, or by finding it with the search feature (an empty search lists all ideas). Put ideas back on the toolbar by hovering over them on the workspace and clicking the star icon that appears.

New Server: Tech garble ahead.

OrbitalWarehouse has moved from GoDaddy to Rackspace for hosting and we took the opportunity to upgrade and change some software along that way. The result is that things are faster and the new server can support ten times as many users. This was mostly due to swapping out the awesome but heavy on memory Apache webserver for the awesome and small on memory Nginx. We also moved from CENTOS to Ubuntu and upgraded to Postgresql 9.1.

Beta Release v0.10 - 6/1/2012

New Feature: Writable shared ideas.

If you open the settings screen (double click or click the magnifier icon) for an idea you have shared, you can see you now have the option to allow others to edit that idea. Allowing others to edit your idea means you can share the idea with whoever you want and they can add, remove and reorder nodes and edit any text nodes attached to that idea. Changes are automatically synced to everyone else's workspace within a few seconds so you can see the changes as they happen.

This means you can share an idea with some friends or a team at work and colloborate as you all find and create content for your idea.

I will be creating some videos to show this feature in action soon.

Beta Release v0.9 - 3/1/2012

Happy New Year!

This release has these new features:

Beta Release v0.8 - 7/12/2011

There are two big new features this release:

Auto Update

This means that any changes to your ideas are automatically updated in your workspace. This is useful when the change comes from outside your workspace, such as when you add a node to an idea via the toolbar or if someone changes one of their ideas that you have linked into your workspace. Previously, you would have to click 'refresh' or reload your browser to see changes to your ideas, but now they just happen automatically, right in front of your eyes.

Shared Ideas

Any shared idea has an associated web page (like this one) and you can click the 'link this idea to my workspace" icon down the bottom of the page make that idea show up in your workspace. Previously this function merely copied the idea into your workspace, but now the idea remains 'live' and any changes the authors makes to the idea will show up in your workspace, so you can link someone else's idea and then watch it as they add and edit parts of that idea.

Beta Release v0.7 - 20/11/2011

Big new feature: Versions.

When you are editing text as a node on one of your ideas you are now able to go back in time to any version you've saved and review it or cut and paste text from it into the current version. This is handy if you are writing something and you've accidentally deleted something that turned out to be useful. You might also use it just to see what you used to have in a text node.

The controls for this have been added on either side of the save button in the text editor. The save button still works to save the current text. The icon to the left is a 'rewind' button that will load the previous version of text that you saved. You click it repeatedly to go back through different versions of text all the way back to the first version you saved. The icon to the right is a 'fast forward' button you can use once you've gone back through a few different versions, one click of it will take you all the way back to the most recent version you've saved.

All versions of text is saved in the Orbital Warehouse for as long as that idea exists, so if you want to make sure all of the text versions for a particular idea have been deleted, just delete that whole text node.

Beta Release v0.6 - 12/11/2011

Major code refactoring happened in this release, ready to start adding some bigger features next release. Added some small features this release:

Beta Release v0.5 - 16/10/2011

No new features this release, but Raphaeljs has been updated to version 2.0. The quality of the code has also been improved and a few minor bugs squashed.

Developer Update (New Toys !) - 9/10/2011

There's no new OWH release this week, this week we've been working on improving the OWH development environment.

This should help streamline development, though it means a little bit of work and learning now. 

Raphael 2.0 also came out, so we're upgrading the OWH codebase to use that too, it has a bunch of new features and nicer animations, which we'll try to use to improve OWH.

Beta Release v0.4 - 22/9/2011

The order of nodes can now be changed by simply dragging them into a different position in orbit. This in turn changes the position of the node's content on that idea's shared web page.

Beta Release v0.3 - 10/9/2011

Rewrote authentication for users to that browser based password saving and autocomplete can work. > Dev News


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