For a while, it looked like the web was becoming just another way to consume content from our corporate overlords but then Web 2.0 arrived and although nobody was sure what that meant exactly, it had something to do with upstream communication and more people getting a voice on the Internet. OrbitalWarehouse builds on this by allowing you to share your ideas easily.

Some ideas are just for you, but others you'll want to share. By making an idea public, you create a clean, simple web page (like this one) that contains all of your idea text, as well as clearly labelled references to the content you have linked to it. The web page is free from ads and has minimal clutter, it's a simple conduit for your idea.

You can also link ideas to each other so you can navigate between them and structure your ideas into your own network. If you choose to publish your ideas as web pages, links between ideas become web links so you can publish a set of webpages that are linked to each other.

You can give out the URL to idea pages, share them via the included social media tool or link them from other web pages. Pulling content together from the web and linking it with your thoughts to create a web page only takes minutes and you don't have to worry about hosting or web servers.

Publishing a page is as easy as selecting whether you want your idea to be public or not. At any time, you can change your idea to a private URL and your page will no longer be available on the Internet to anyone except you. > Express


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