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Beta Release v0.2 - 10/9/2011

Several new users have been letting us know about bugs, which is great, they've all been fixed in this release.

New Features:

Beta Release v0.1 - 5/9/2011

OWH accounts are now available for everyone, at least while we still have server capacity. You can sign up for an account here. This is a Beta release, so we are still adding features and there will be bugs. We will do our best to avoid downtime and data loss, but they might happen.

To make OWH better, we're relying on you to tell us what's wrong with it. If you run into a bug, or just think something isn't as good as it could be, we'd really like to hear from you here.

New Features:

Alpha Release v0.15 - 4/9/2011

New Features:

Also many bugfixes - this is the last release before beta release.

Alpha Release v0.14 - 30/7/2011

New Features:

There's also several bugfixes and some optimisations in the serverside software.

Alpha Release v0.13.abit - 19/7/2011

In Between Releases:

Orbitalwarehouse now has SSL for all workspace activities (but not for OWH toolbar or shared idea pages). So your username and password is not sent in the clear and any text you enter in the workspace is encrypted by your browser before being sent to the server.

Alpha Release v0.13 - 29/6/2011

What's new:

New save mechanism for text nodes. When you edit text in a text node you can now save it by clicking the save icon in the editor toolbar (top left). To close the editor window, click 'Close' in the bottom right. If you've made changes without saving, you'll get a warning.

Alpha Release v0.12 - 27/6/2011

What's new:

Help pages will be improved as time goes on.

Alpha Release v0.11 - 26/4/2011

Mostly security updates in this one. One side effect of this is that you will have to delete the toolbar bookmarklet you have currently and create a new one from the settings screen in the workspace.

What's new:

Alpha Release v0.10 - 17/4/2011

What's new:

  • Rewrote the text rendering for text type nodes so it is now 10x faster. This makes a big difference in Firefox where SVG rendering in general seems a lot slower than webkit browsers.
  • Changed the UI element colours and shapes slightly so different node types are easier to tell apart.

Alpha Release v0.9 - 11/4/2011

This is a big release, I expect bugs.

What's new:

  • Search
  • Keyboard Shortcuts


Search is finally implemented. Search works by indexing all of the text your enter into your idea nodes, as well as the idea titles and text in any pages you attach to ideas via the toolbar.

To use search, just click on the search button, type a search term and then click on the ideas that have matched that search term. OWH will return search results as you type. You can keep clicking on ideas until you find the one you're looking for, then close the search box and that idea is left in your workspace along with other ideas you already had open.

If you already had an idea open in the workspace that search has found, you can't open it twice.

Note that search is now collecting the text of all pages you add via that toolbar from now on, it won't find text in pages you've already added. You can re-add them via the toolbar if you really want your 'page' type nodes to be indexed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts work from the workspace:

  • 'n' - opens new idea dialogue box
  • 's' - opens the settings screen
  • 'r' - refresh the workspace
  • 'c' - close all ideas open on the workspace
  • 'space' open the search box

ESC works to get you out of most dialogues, but doesn't work on the text editor where you could potentially lose work by accidentally hitting ESC.

You can also use up/down arrows and the enter key to select different ideas in the search box.

Alpha Release v0.8 - 2/4/2011

What's new:

  • Further refined UI:
    • Removed many restrictions on moving nodes and ideas around, you can now drag items to ideas that are orbiting other ideas.
    • Tweaked onHover controls so they show less when you don't need them.
    • Moved all close Xs to the left to be consistent with onHover tools.
  • Implemented 'obscure' shareable URLs for publishing (more below).

Extended Publishing Modes

There are now three settings for publishing ideas available when you click the settings button on an idea, these three different settings control what the URL of the idea looks like, and who is allowed to view it:

Private URLs

This is the default setting when you create an idea. Each idea has a URL where it is viewable as a web page but for this setting, the page is only viewable by you, when you are logged into OWH. This is useful for previewing a page you don't want to make public yet, but want to see how it will look.

There are no social media sharing options available when this setting is in effect because nobody else would be able to view the shared URL.

If you don't ever want to share your ideas, you can just leave the default enabled and ignore this setting, nobody else will be able to see your private ideas.

Friendly URLs

This means the idea is available as a web page for everyone on the Internet to see, the URL for these pages is something like:


You can share these links via social media or link them from other pages. This is the setting you usually would choose when publishing something.

Obscure URLs

This setting is useful for when you want to share an idea, but you only want people you've given the URL to to be able to see it. URLs when this setting is applied look something like:


In the 'Friendly URLs' example, someone could probably guess what the URL is, if they knew your username and knew you were writing about boats. With obscure URLs turned on, the URL is much harder to guess, so only people that have gotten the URL directly or indirectly from you will be able to find this page. We also ask search engines not to index pages with the obscure setting enabled.

You can still link other pages and do social media sharing with obscure URLs.

Alpha Release v0.7 - 19/3/2011

What's new:

  • Fixed yet more UI bugs.
  • Reduced the number of AJAX requests done (makes things faster)
  • Better unsupported browser dialogue (exciting, I know)
  • Added word count tool to text editor.

Alpha Release v0.6 - 11/3/2011

What's new:

  • New UI for controls on nodes and ideas, appears onHover.
  • Fixed numerous UI rendering bugs.
  • Improved UI speed and load times, particularly in webkit browsers.
  • Much improved browser support (see below).
  • Stopped browsers going into quirks mode - helps greatly for IE9.

Improved Browser Support

Works well:

  • Firefox 3.5+ (Including Firefox 4 RC) (new!)
  • Chrome (Latest, others probably work)
  • Safari (Latest, others probably work)
  • IE9 (new!) (You may have to set "Allow access to data sources across domains" in Internet Settings > Security > Custom Level for the toolbar to work)

Doesn't work:

  • iOS (iPad/iPhone) browsers - iOS doesn't support text editing, will need to write something specifically for this OS.
  • IE7, IE8 (Would like to support these browsers, but Raphael events on non SVG object behave differently at the moment, so they are quite broken)
  • Opera (latest). Pretty close to working, but SVG text render is _very_ slow and toolbar can't load open projects. Both problems likely fixable.


  • Android Browsers (Actually a reasonable chance these will work)
  • Windows Mobile 7 (I hear IE9 is coming for WinMo7 so these might work too)


Alpha Release v0.5 - 19/2/2011

What's new:


Alpha Release v0.4 - 18/2/2011

What's new:


Alpha Release v0.3 - 13/2/2011

What's new:

Have actually been adding bits and pieces for a while:


Alpha Release v0.2 - 6/1/2011

This was going to be code cleanup release with no new visible features but in the end the new features got put in as well, so enjoy.

What's new:


Alpha Release v0.1 - 1/12/2010

Without seeing the introduction movie, it's hard to describe what Orbitalwarehouse is exactly, but its an attempt to make it easier to pull ideas together, link them to the rest of the web and publish them for others.

This current release is the first release that's somewhat useable. You can create ideas, add content nodes to them using the toolbar and publish them as webpages. You can also link them together.


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