Ideas don't exist in a vacuum. You read, see and watch things everywhere that give inspiration and substance to your ideas. Orbital WareHouse gives you a way to attach those things you see on the web to your ideas so you can find them again easily.

You can use the OWH toolbar to link text, images, links or entire webpages into your ideas. Once you've found something interesting on a web page, you simply click on the toolbar in your browser bookmarks to bring up the toolbar on that page. Then drag the text, image, link or whole page onto an idea that is listed on your toolbar. This links the content to your idea, so it will appear in orbit around your idea in the workspace.

The links to this content will appear with clear references back to original site where you found them, so navigation back to the original source is easy for you, or for people you're sharing your ideas with.

Once you've linked other content from the web, it is displayed in your workspace, as nodes orbiting your idea. You can quickly browse the linked content, and reorganise it into different ideas. You can even link ideas together and nest ideas inside other ideas.

With Orbital WareHouse, your ideas and all of their linked content references are available to you wherever you are online. Your ideas will be right where you left them so finding that obscure piece of text you needed as part of your research will be much easier once you've added it to an idea in Orbital WareHouse.

OrbitalWarehouse also indexes all of the text you enter, as well as text content on any web pages you link, so a lightning fast search engine is available to find anything in your workspace. > Reference


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